Pica is the result of a long professional career in graphic arts.
Since 1999, we design with endless energy. We provide our designing services based on the requirements but also the challenges of the market.

Design is more than just a job to us. Using creativity and imagination as main components, we always seek the best possible result.
We look after the visual presentation of companies of any size, from international range corporations up to one-individual companies.
Based on a
powerful network of expert collaborators, with vast knowledge on designing and experience in all sectors of print production, we are always willing to cover your every need.
In Pica, you will discover that design is an integral and essential part of your company, but also of day to day business for everybody.

It is the most important investment you can make in order to attract attention and build confidence bonds with your clients. The benefits will become apparent immediately, with the positive reactions and increase of your clientele.
We are in constant search for innovative and original ideas so that you always make an impression.

pica: Pica is a fundamental unit of typography measurement. It was determined in 1785 from F.A. Didot. In Greece is  also called square and amounts to 12 points. It is symbolized with the P crossed by a diagonal line.
Equally fundamental are also the principles of typography, design and constant search. Based on these principles,  we build our relation to you.

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